IdVectoR invests in revenues from Science and Technology assets.

We help public and private organisations to develop significant technological advances by giving them the financial means to strengthen their Research, Development and Innovation programmes.

This is useful finance at its best, resulting in better health and environment as well as human communications.

The challenge

Europe is the largest economy in the world representing a market of 500m citizens. Before and after Brexit, European economies must evolve to face the competitive pressures of emerging market companies.

The only way to fuel long term growth, provide interesting job opportunities through life and maintain social cohesion is through a significant Science and Technology investment. The funding gap is assessed by the European Investment Bank as €130bn per annum.

Where will this money come from?

EU+UK R&D deficit since Jan. 2017

The assets

Compared to the rest of the world, Europe is a market of mostly affluent and educated people with the second GDP per capita.

Based on European academic excellence, differentiated technologies produced by sophisticated workers would better answer the needs of more than 500m of demanding consumers, triggering a virtuous circle.

800 years of excellence in scientific education and discovery.

800 years of excellence in scientific education and discovery

Financing for growth

Public authorities don’t have this kind of money available for long-term issues.

Large European companies are less numerous in advanced technology sectors.

Start-ups cannot by themselves fill the gap as total market cap of growth markets in Europe is only 5% of NASDAQ’s…

… But Institutional Investors can bridge the gap.

European models of innovation

Invited speaker on European models of Innovation at the Caisse des Depots/Ministry of finance conference on competitivity clusters.

Not-for-profit Research and the profits from Research

Article written by Paul Maruani and published in Le banquet the magazine published by the CERAP, the Centre for Study and political action reflexion.

Who can build the bridge to Europe’s future?

In a context where R&D financing is of central importance for Europe’s future, IdVectoR analyses where the long term funding will come from.

IdVectoR’s sole focus: to create wealth from Science and Technology assets